Monday, January 24, 2011

New job!

So I just finished my first week at my new job. I'm working as a dresser with the women's ensemble at "The Addams Family". So far, so great. I love the girls, I love the work... And as I start this new adventure, I've decided to get back in the sketching groove. So, to start this blog off,  have some pictures of the gifts I gave the girls on what was my "opening night".

A water cup for each Ancestress: The flapper, the Native American, the flight attendant, the bride, and the showgirl.

The girls all got pictures with their cups, and I snagged the flapper's photo of herself with her cup:

Closeups of the other cups:

Understudy cups coming up next: the cowgirl, the suffragette, and the equestrian.